About Us


Park Central Development (PCD) is a 501 c3 community development corporation that works to strengthen and attract investment that creates and maintains equitable vibrant urban neighborhoods and commercial districts where people want to live, work and play. 

We do this through:

  • Community Engagement
  • Neighborhood Planning & Services
  • Major Infrastructure Projects & Improvements
  • Administration of Commercial, Business and Special taxing districts
  • Technical assistance to the investors to facilitate  private investment in the community


We believe that the way to create positive and lasting impact, throughout urban neighborhoods, is through continual professionalism, transparent decision making, and global sharing within the communities we serve.


In partnership with community stakeholders, PCD works to strengthen and attract investment that creates and maintains vibrant neighborhoods and commercial districts in the City of St. Louis.

Our Story:

Formed in 2009, Park Central Development is a consolidation of the former Central West End Midtown Development Corporation and the Forest Park Southeast Development Corporation. This Park Central Development merger allowed for greater staff capacity and streamlined services for the betterment of the central corridor of the City of St. Louis. Park Central Development expanded their stabilization efforts in order to meet the greater community needs. We now serve as a Community Development Corporation (CDC) to an estimated 50,000 residents throughout our ten neighborhoods. PCD provides and facilitates full service neighborhoods with additional amenities to fill service gaps. We also coordinate and facilitate, safety and security committees, parking districts, special taxing districts, housing and development, events and resident services to create safe, equitable and vibrant neighborhoods. 

In 2011, the organization successfully managed a $3.5 million federal streetscape enhancement project along Manchester Avenue. Improvements included narrowing the street, constructing new sidewalks and pedestrian lights, installing new trash receptacles and planters, and overall creating a better pedestrian experience on the commercial corridor. In 2012, Park Central Development led the effort to develop Chouteau Park, a neighborhood park that spans two blocks in Forest Park Southeast. Park Central Development has authored two form-based zoning plans and neighborhood visioning documents for both the Central West End and Forest Park Southeast neighborhoods. These plans are the first updates to the zoning regulations in these areas since the 1940s. In 2014, Park Central Development successfully established the Euclid Community Improvement District in the Central West End neighborhood and successfully led the expansion of the Grove Community Improvement District along Vandeventer Avenue. As the administrator of the Forest Park South Business Association, Park Central Development lead business recruitment efforts to increase membership by over 50% in 2019. Leading by example, Park Central Development’s success in creating vibrant neighborhoods in which people want to work, live and play allowed them to move north and add DeBaliviere Place, Lewis Place and Fountain Park into our neighborhood portfolio.

In addition to our neighborhood stabilization efforts, PCD produces neighborhood events and street festivals all scales within our districts.  Some of our past events have included the River Front Times Music Showcase, The Manchester Bike Bash and Central West End Pour + Pair. A leader in community events, Park Central Development continues the tradition with the production of IndiHop Stl, annual PCD “Bridging Communities” fundraiser and our most notable event, Grove Fest – which attracts over 25,000 attendees each year!