COVID-19 Small Business Grant Documentation

COVID-19 Small Business Stimulus Grant Documentation

Grant awards will be directly announced to each qualifying business during the period of 15 days after their submission of the application and will be reimbursed directly to the business. If you are businesses that has been awarded funding please use the form below to submit documentation for reimbursement. 

Allowable Expenses:

Funding can be used towards traditional SRF expenses, such as;

  • consulting,
  • marketing, and
  • training.

In addition, this emergency grant can be used towards operational expenses, such as;

  • rent,
  • supplies/inventory,
  • utility bills, etc.

Operating expenses are eligible for reimbursement. 

Unallowable Expenses:

Payroll cannot be reimbursed via this grant program.

In addition, the following expenses are not eligible:

  • capitalized equipment,
  • travel,
  • office equipment,
  • and computer software.

Please consult with Ashley Johnson,, or Annette Pendilton, if you have any questions regarding an expense that is not on this list.


Instructions for Submitting Appropriate Documentation

  1. Must have all receipts or invoices and show proof of payment. Please include check register, canceled checks and show deduction on bank statement.
  2. If it is a credit card purchase must have receipt, must show purchase on credit card statement and proof of payment of credit card statement, with canceled check and show deduction on bank statement.
  3. Purchases by an employee or someone else other than the business, must have invoice or receipt. They must show the invoice coming through their checking account with canceled check and bank statement.
  4. Purchases on personal credit card, must show receipt going through credit card statement and proof of payment to credit card company with canceled check and processing through bank statement. Business must show proof of reimbursement to employee with check, canceled check and show deduction on bank statement.

COVID-19 Small Business Grant Documentation

  • Please provide your application reference number. If you need assistance locating this number please contact Ashley,
  • Reimbursement Documentation

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    Max. file size: 32 MB.