Delmar Tax Relief Fund

The Delmar Corridor and the neighborhoods on its Northern side have been experiencing a resurgence in both their commercial and residential activities, and as a result, there has been a large increase in private investments and developments in the past five years. With these neighborhoods under tremendous growth pressure, the conditions for displacements are present. Additionally, the looming eviction and foreclosure crises due to Covid-19 will add to the displacement pressure present.

To mitigate the impact of displacement, and foster equitable community development, anti-displacement tools and programing must be present within the Central and Delmar Corridor. Park Central has developed The Delmar Tax Relief Fund.

The fund’s purpose is to assist residents in the Central and Delmar corridor (owner occupied homes) from losing their homes at tax sales due to back taxes and to assist with providing relief to homeowners facing rising property tax due to gentrification and drastic increases in property value, as well as to assist residents impacted by Covid-19 from becoming delinquent in property taxes.

If you are a resident in Academy/Sherman Park, Fountain Park/Lewis Place, West End, Vandeventer, and the Forest Park Southeast Neighborhoods and in need of Tax Relief Assistance, apply for the Delmar Tax Relief fund. 

Please be sure to upload a photo ID, proof of income, most recently recorded property deed, most current tax bill or tax judgement letter, current paid real estate tax receipt (if applicable) when applying. 

NEED ADDITIONAL ASSISTANCE? We are here to help! Please contact Nanyamka Brown at 314-643-8261 or for more information or to set up an appointment. Alternatively, please feel free to complete a quick intake by registering for the Community Resource Counseling Program and our staff will get back to your shortly.