Park Central Development’s focal neighborhoods (Botanical Heights, the Central West End, Forest Park Southeast, King’s Oak and Midtown)  include some of the most exciting development projects in the region. As a result of the trend toward urban living, developers are recognizing the investment opportunities that exist in our area. Since 2000, these neighborhoods have seen an estimated 2 billion dollars in new residential, commercial and institutional development as well as historic renovation. Development revives neighborhoods, increases property values, and brings in needed money for neighborhood services. Notable developments include:

Central West End-Midtown:

  • CORTEX 2.0 (Central West End-Midtown) This project is a projected $186 million in private investment in large scale development in the CORTEX redevelopment area, between Forest Park Parkway, Clayton, Vandeventer and Boyle, approximately. Development will be focused on creating a bio-technology and research district, along with mixed-use retail and residential development and large-scale infrastructure improvements for ultimately a “24-hour neighborhood.” CORTEX will be partnering with Wexford Science and Technology, an acclaimed research-park developer.
  • City Walk & Whole Foods (Central West End) When complete, the 6-story City Walk will have over 150 market-rate apartment and condo units, to be constructed at Euclid and West Pine with Whole Foods grocery store on the ground floor.
  • Center for Outpatient Health (Central West End) Located at the corner of Forest Park Parkway and Euclid Ave, Center for Outpatient Health was developed by Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University Medical Center. The COH development includes 12 floors, with the bottom floor designated for retail. The development incorporates the Euclid Streetscape design.
  • Sustainable Development – Form-Based Code(Central West End-Midtown)The code covers the area between the north side of Forest Park Ave, both sides of Lindell and the south side of McPherson, the west side of Vandeventer and east side of Kingshighway. The plan will define goals for development based on two concepts: minimum and maximum building heights and placement of buildings on their lots. The new standards are designed to apply to new projects as they are proposed, not to call for development action on any specific parcels.

Forest Park Southeast:

  • Aventura at Forest Park (Forest Park Southeast) These apartments will attract approximately 300 new Forest Park Southeast residents when complete. Developers are paying heed to urban design, placing the building next to the sidewalk, hiding parking from the street, and limiting curb-cuts. Building and parking placement as well as close proximity to services, employment, and MetroLink further shape the image of Forest Park Southeast as a leading neighborhood embracing walkability that is valued highly in urban neighborhoods today.Site preparation and grading has begun on the future site located on Chouteau between Newstead and Taylor, adjacent to the WashU/BJC Complex and Central West End MetroLink. Construction is expected to begin in October 2012 for the first phase of development. The development will cost an estimated $24 million; this is the largest investment Forest Park Southeast has seen in a residential development project.
  • 42xx Gibson, Forest Park Southeast. This single family newly-constructed home was a $400,000 investment, the largest of its kind in Forest Park Southeast, with an attached apartment.
  • Residential development continues in Forest Park Southeast, and this time there is a momentum towards more development in the southern portion of Forest Park Southeast, south of Manchester Ave and the Grove business district. Properties include the townhome at 1119-1121 Tower Grove (Mangrove Redevelopment) and much more.

Botanical Heights:

  • Botanical Grove Homes (Botanical Heights) Residential development of 28 newly constructed infill housing and rehabbed housing is located on the 4200 block of McRee, developed by UIC + CDO.
  • City Garden Montessori, Botanical Heights. This top-performing charter school is located on Tower Grove Ave between McRee and Tower Grove, adjacent to the large scale residential green redevelopment. This school is truly a neighborhood school and serves students in the Forest Park Southeast and Botanical Heights neighborhoods.
  • Olio + Elaia and La Chouquette, Botanical Heights. Olio + Elaia and La Chouquette will be the newest businesses on Tower Grove Ave, signaling a transformation in the shape of the previously industrial business district. Olio + Elaia is located at a redeveloped gas station at Tower Grove and McRee and will serve as a wine bar and restaurant. La Chouquette will be a French pastry bakery. Both businesses are expected to open in Fall 2012.

Kings Oak:

  • BP will be redeveloping its station at Kingshighway and Manchester. Kings Oak residents have completed a set of regulations the developer will comply with to better the neighborhood as a whole.