Golden Access Program

The Golden Access Program is a placed-based grassroots approach to deliver critical product and educational resources that gives holistic alternatives to mothers, babies and single fathers with newborns. In partnership with the Golden Grocer, Park Central will provide educational workshops and products to support black and brown babies and their parents using holistic alternatives that mothers, babies and single fathers can access.

This program is targeted for black and brown pregnant moms and parents with children under the age of two, and will consist of a series of workshops to support the health and well-being of moms and babies. Workshops will be conducted in group sessions to provide a built-in peer support group. These workshops can be completed in-person or virtually. Program participants will receive a “New Family Baby Basket” filled with $100 worth of baby & new mom goodies and $50 gift card to Golden Grocers.

The following workshop sessions will be provided:

Holistic Baby 101

This session provides mothers with the basics of caring for their babies on a day to basis in a natural care culture. Each family will receive an informational Booklet on managing Colic, Teething, nursing, sleeplessness and Diaper rash naturally. Upon enrollment each family will be given a voucher to the Golden Grocer for a New Family Baby Basket {with Make-Your-Own Baby Food Kit, Baby Wipes, Cloth Diapers, Baby’s Bum Cream, Baby’s Vitamin D and Mom’s Milk Tea}. Each family will also be provided resources for nursing mothers.

Holistic Nutrition & Health 202

This session will focus on early activity and exercise, mindfulness for children, and will teach how to be healthy on a budget. Each the needs identified by mothers during intake and assessment, and 1-on-1 follow up with staff from the project team family will receive a resource book of local pediatricians, healthcare practitioners, child psychologists and community networks for children.

Holistic Nutrition & Health 101

This session will introduce the importance nutrition for mother and baby, the importance of fruits and vegetables, how to make natural and all organic foods for self and baby. Each family will receive a $50 Voucher from Golden Grocer – to purchase produce, healthy food items and healthy baby foods and toddler snacks.

Ask an Expert

Ask an expert will be a 90-minute group information session where participants will be able to have 15-minute 1-on-1 breakout sessions with multiple subject matter experts.

All workshops will be designed, administered or overseen by Jamila Owens-Todd, Naturopathic Doctor, who has over 12 years of supporting families and providing holistic alternatives to mothers and familie

All workshops will be held virtually online and meeting information will be emailed to participants. Participation in workshops #1 and #2 are mandatory, with workshops #3 and #4 as optional, to complete the program and receive the Golden Grocers’ holistic gift basket and $50 gift card.