How To Create A Parking District

Park Central Development has established the following process for establishing a Restricted Parking District:

Residents approach Park Central Development for preliminary support for creating a permit parking district.

Park Central Development considers the following factors in deciding whether or not to support a permit parking district:

  •     Is there demonstrated support for a permit parking district?
  •     How large is the area to be considered?
  •     Is the area primarily residential?
  •     What is the cause of the parking problem?
  •     Are there other ways to address the parking problem?
  •     What will the effect be on local businesses?

Park Central Development works with residents to create a permit parking proposal, outlining the boundaries, times and general rules.

Residents circulate a petition with the permit parking district proposal to all registered voters living in the proposed area. The petition will record the resident’s name, signature, date and phone number. At least 65 percent of the registered voters in the proposed area must sign a petition indicating support for the permit parking proposal. After collecting the required number of signatures, residents submit petition to CWE Midtown Development.

Park Central Development conducts a license plate survey to determine the extent of nonresident parking on selected days and times. To meet the standard for excessive nonresident parking, the results must indicate that at least 75 percent of available spaces on the street are occupied and that a minimum of 50 percent of the vehicles parked on the street are registered to nonresidents during the selected time periods.

Park Central Development presents the petition, proposal and license plate survey results to the 17th Ward Alderman to solicit the Alderman’s support for creating a residential parking district.

The Alderman introduces a bill to the St. Louis Board of Aldermen. The bill must be approved by the Streets Committee, passed by the Board of Aldermen, and signed by the Mayor.

Once the bill becomes an ordinance, Park Central Development orders permits and distributes applications for parking permits.

Park Central Development directs the Streets Department to install signs designating the parking district and directs the Treasurer’s Office to begin enforcement.

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