As COVID-19 spikes and begins to put stress on our Medical Centers we want to support our  front line  ER staff at Barnes Jewish & Children’s. In partnership with Euclid South CID, Keely and Washington University Medical Center Redevelopment Center, we have raised $30,000 to date to provide 150 Meals to the ER Frontline teams (nurses, doctors and techs) at BJC.

Starting March 27th, we are providing meals 4 days a week with a goal to cover 7 days a week. This does two things.

  1. Put money back into our commercial districts using the CID Tax and philanthropic dollars to help keep these small business in the commercial district afloat while providing this service. This should help with small businesses closing until the Federal dollars and programs are in place.
  2. Help take the stress off of the medical system through supportive services.  Park Central is coordinating these efforts with BJC and Washington University. We delivered our first meals on Friday March 27th. It was a success and well received, and we look forward to continuing this service through the month of April.

Are you interested in participating and donating to this great cause? Contact or to participate. All donations are 100% tax-deductible through Park Central Development and all meals will be delivered to BJC Hospital teams in need.


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