The Tiffany neighborhood was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in December of 1978 and consists of 215 contributing structures built between 1891 and 1928. The neighborhood building structures were designed by a combination of architects, owners and contractors who had a sense of neighborhood cohesion in mind during the planning phase. Buildings were built with high-quality brickwork and fine architectural details that included “picturesque features of the 1890s, classical turn-of-the-century ornament and examples of the bungaloid mode”1. The buildings uniformity in material, building line and density created a pleasing feel and look for the neighborhood.


The Tiffany neighborhood is located on the western side of Grand Boulevard along the section containing SSM Health’s St. Louis University Hospital and Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital. The neighborhood is defined by Chouteau Avenue on the North, Interstate 44 on the South, Grand Boulevard on the East, and 39th Street on the West. The neighborhood is largely industrial north of Park Avenue and residential south of Park Avenue.

Neighborhood Organizations

The Tiffany Seniors Club is a social club for residents age 50 and over in the neighborhood. The group holds monthly “Coffee and Conversations” meetings at the Tiffany Community Center. 

Our Efforts

Park Central Development and the Tiffany Neighborhood Association worked together to draft, conduct, and analyze a Needs Assessment Survey in order to write a 5-year action plan based upon what the community stakeholders identified as the highest priority needs. As part of the action plan, the neighborhood formed three committees to address the needs expressed in the surveys. The Tiffany Development Committee is the first established and it held its first meeting in February of 2017.  In addition, a Social & Human Services as well as a Safety & Security committees were formed. These committees are made up of volunteers who live, work, or own property within the neighborhood. Sign up to join a committee, or contact Linda Nguyen at with more questions.

PCD also organizes an annual Opportunity Around the Corner job fair, which connects residents of Tiffany, Botanical Heights and Forest Park Southeast to jobs within walking distance of their neighborhoods. We further support residents through our Community Resource Counseling Program.