Attention all Park Central Permit Parkers:

Effective immediately, the City of St. Louis Treasurer’s Office will assume management of all Park Central parking permits. As we continue to make strides to transition during this process, please note all 2021-2022 parking permits will be honored, where properly displayed. Please look to learn more through future updates announced over email, social media, and traditional media outlets regarding the launch of our parking permit program.

Park Central will  no longer administer the parking districts in the Central West End and Forest Park Southeast neighborhoods as of June 30th, 2022. We have a small team of staff working on place-based initiatives to bring resources to our community’s residents, businesses and developers. Running a parking program takes hundreds of hours of staff time and we can no longer sustain this effort.  

The good news is that we have been working with the Treasurer’s Office the last few years to transition this program back under the city’s parking administration. As the Treasurer’s Office continues to explore various platforms to accommodate the growing need of neighborhood-based parking permitting throughout the city, please be patient and be on the lookout for updated news from their office as to next steps for parking administration in your neighborhood. The current parking season is due to expire on June 30th, 2022, and we encourage you to keep using the existing parking permits until further notice from the Treasurer’s Office. Thank you for being our neighbors. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to the Treasurer’s Office – Lenny Freeman at or 314-622-3434.  

Residents in portions of the Central West End and Forest Park Southeast have established permitted parking zones to ensure ample parking on their street. With a process administered through the City of St. Louis, residents establishes City Ordinances for Restricted Parking Zones. In order to be eligible for a parking permit, one must have an address within the defined parking district

Available only until May 30, 2022: You MUST purchase parking permits for the new year of 2021-2022 online. Current parking permits are valid between July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022. Residents must renew their parking permits every year. Below is list of items needed to upload for permits. 

  • Completed application
  • PHOTO ID ( valid driver’s license of state issued ID)
  • PROOF OF OWNERSHIP OF THE VEHICLE: (insurance card, registration or title) Note: you must have this information for each vehicle
  • PROOF OF RESIDENCE (utility bill, signed lease, closed sale contract, occupancy permit or a piece of current mail that has your name and address on it)

The cost of a resident permit purchased online is $12.50 each, with the exception of residents in the Chouteau Parking District.  Business permits (limit of 5 per business site) are $17.50 each.  This covers processing fees as well as shipping costs. All parking permits are valid from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.